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Do your windows...

Rattle in the wind?

Allow a howling gale through in the winter ? 

Let in noise, dust and fumes  ? 

Judder up and down as you struggle to open them ? 

Small wonder that so many people fall prey to the UPVC  salesmen. However, with our restoration and draught-proofing service, all these problems will be a thing of the past. 

Yes, you can have 21st century comfort with 19th century good looks, retaining the value and appeal of the original period windows.

Having dismantled a window, and carried out all necessary repairs, we fit the appropriate draught proofing
seals, usually a brush seal to the stiles, and a compression seal to the top and bottom rails. 

As an independent company, we are free to choose from a range of insulation products from several manufacturers, selecting the seals most suitable for each situation. The seals we use are highly inconspicuous and are virtually invisible when the window is closed. Yet the difference they can make to heat loss is enormous.  

All windows require a gap between the sashes and the frame, to give room for opening and closing. Just half a centimetre of gap around the edges of a typical sash window adds up to 300 square centimetres; equivalent to
a seven inch square hole.  But with the correct draught-proofing seals, these gaps are virtually eliminated.
Heat loss, noise pollution and the ingress of dust and fumes are all significantly reduced. Not only that, but
our draught-proofing seals give the added advantage of making the windows easier and smoother to operate.

English Heritage  recommend the installation of this type of draught-proofing as...

 “ ...one of the best and least intrusive ways of achieving improved performance from windows in old buildings. This will considerably reduce heating bills and energy use, and ….reduce noise and dust ingress.

Most importantly, draught-proofing does not damage the visual aesthetics of an old building.” 

(English Heritage Framing Opinions Campaign)

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