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 traditional sash window styling

Many of our customers are amazed at how smoothly and easily they can open a sash window which has been correctly restored . A typical renovation would entail the following .

First, the window is dismantled, and any excess build up of paint is removed. The pulley wheels are freed and lubricated to run smoothly without irritating squeaks. Cracked or broken pulley wheels can be renewed with our brass wheeled and brass faced pulleys.

Any rotten sections of the framework, or complete sills, can be cut out and replaced, whilst maintaining the correct housing joints which hold the whole box frame together.

Next , the sashes are carefully inspected for signs of damage. We often find that old houses have moved a little over the years and the sashes may need to be planed to fit.

If necessary, we can make up new sashes to match the originals, carefully copying such details as the glazing bar moldings, or the decorative horns (or joggles) below the meeting rail.

All parting beads and staff beads are renewed, to guarantee a smooth channel for the easy operation of the window. Cracked or broken panes of glass are replaced, with security glass as required.

The window will only work properly if it is correctly balanced, so we weigh the sashes and adjust the weights accordingly. We fit best quality solid braided unwaxed cotton cords for long life.

The window is re-assembled with the beads adjusted so that it runs freely.

Finally, we can fit a choice of period hardware, including Victorian pattern solid brass catches and lifts.

A properly restored sash window is a joy to behold, no more struggling to get it open and worrying that it'll come crashing down on you. They slide almost weightlessly, as their original maker intended.


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