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 Measuring up sash window for glazing

“ I really like the charm and character of our old sash windows, but our home is so cold in the winter, I just wish there was some way to double-glaze them. I’ve seen the uPVC replicas , and they just don’t look right. What can I do ?”

We have 16 years of experience in making and fitting new double-glazed timber sashes into existing window frames. This saves the unnecessary upheaval and expense of ripping out the original box frames, with the ensuing damage to surrounding plaster and decoration.

In our well equipped workshop at Upper Slackstead Farm, we take great care to select good quality timber, and make up the new sashes using traditional joinery methods of mortice & tenon joints. We can faithfully reproduce period details such as the horns below the upper sashes, and elegant narrow glazing bars. The new sashes are made slightly too large for the box frames, so that we can plane them in to get an exact fit – we are well accustomed to the fact that nothing is ever exactly true or square in older buildings. Draughtproofing seals are fitted, and the original box frame is restored with new parting beads and staff beads and cords.

The new double-glazed sashes will weigh up to three times as much as the originals, so we fit new weights to balance them properly. Sealed double-glazing units are installed with hardwood beads, and we fit sash lifts and a traditional catch and sash stops for security.

You can retain the existing good looks and character of your existing sash windows, with the warmth and comfort of double glazing, safe in the knowledge that you are helping in the effort to reduce energy consumption.


The Barn, Upper Slackstead Farm, Farley Lane, Braishfield,
Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 OQL.

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